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For the sets, can I buy different sized tops and bottoms?

     Our sets come in the same size. If you’re unsure or in between sizes, you can send us a message and we’d love to assist you and maybe even give some recommendations. We also have other designs that are sold separately on our website in the “Tops” and “Bottoms” sections.

     *Please note that Chat is only available from Monday to Friday 10 am-6 pm (Philippine Standard Time). You can also email us at

I want to order a previous design but it’s sold out. Will you be restocking?

     Not likely. We try to come up with different designs each time. 

Is the material buttery soft?

     Our fabrics have different characteristics which we try our best to describe on the website, and because we source these from the pre-consumer fabric leftovers from big commercial factories, getting information about them isn’t always easy. One thing’s for sure, we only use high-quality materials when it comes to designing our pieces.

Fabric leftovers you say?

     Yes, that’s right. Millions of tons of textile waste end up in landfills each year and we don’t intend on adding to the pollution, so we turned big commercial deadstock into chic, sustainable activewear. We try to minimize our fabrics scraps as well during production and the portion that does end up as scraps, we have others upcycle into products such as rugs and pillows.

Where can I check the status of my order?

     All updates are sent through email. If payment has been received, an email will be sent to you. Once your order is ready for delivery or has been shipped, the tracking number will also be sent to you through email.

Do you have a physical store in Cebu?
     We don’t but our production is located in Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu.


We’re located in Cebu, can we pick up our orders instead?

     Because we don't have our own store, we don't offer the pick up option.


Are the tops padded?

     Yes, unless otherwise indicated. You’ll find this in the description of each item.

Can I use these for swimming?

     Definitely! Chlorine and saltwater are harsh on fabrics—not to mention body oils and sunblock—so make sure to rinse after. For more info about how to take care of your Moginis, check out our Care Tips section below.




Care Tips

Treat yourself with your most loving care and don’t forget about your Moginis, too!


     * Handwash with cold water and with like fabrics/colors. 

    *Do not wash together with towels (the cotton fibers will stick to your activewear), denim, and anything abrasive like zippers and velcro. 

    *Color bleeding may occur especially in bright-colored fabrics so we suggest washing them alone before wearing them, continue washing them with similar colors, and keeping them away from other fabrics when wet.

    * Do not bleach. 

    *When used for swimming in the pool, make sure to rinse after. Chlorine is harsh on fabrics.


    * No fabric softener needed—you’ll want this on your towels, not your activewear. It coats the fabric and causes your gym clothes to smell.

    * Air dry inside out but not in direct sunlight. When hanging to dry, gently squeeze out excess water, avoid wringing and position the article so as not to stretch it out—this will help prevent your clothes from sagging over time.

    * Do not iron.

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